Well, first was photography. Black&white, developed in the bathroom, stored in shoeboxes and albums.

Then came digital photography. Hundreds of jpegs, stored in cd-s. But at a point, the volumes of images archived on cd-s, and scattered on hard disks made me look after some cataloging solution.

Then came digital raw photography, and Color Management, and image metadata, IPTC, XMP, and DNG, and raw workflow, and Digital Asset Management, and original files and derivative files, and working archives and back-up archives, and image stacks, and so on.

Recently came Ubuntu, when I wanted to know more about linux. I’ve chosen this distrib, because somehow I was familiar with it right after the installation. And now I am about to leave Windows behind. The only thing that linux lacks (for me) is a versatile, robust, feaure rich photo management application.

Or at least this was the situation about a year ago. Since then – I hope – many things changed. Now I am to dig deeper into the topic, and find a solution.

So this blog will be about whats and hows on the filed of photo management under Ubuntu. My workflow (under Win) includes downloading, (backing up), metadata-editing, sorting, developing (raw images) (in a color managed environment), refining (noise filtering, color correcting, sharpening) finalizing (creating appropriate derivative images for the purpose (e.g:web gallery, paper print, archiving)) cataloging and backing up (or so). I am curious if I will be able to port my workflow or not.

I’m about to learn a lot. Learn the ways of linux, blogging, linux apps, and so on, and I will post what I’ve learned.

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3 Responses to “Intro”

  1. null Says:

    Will be interesting to see how far you will get.

  2. Max IMBERT Says:

    great plan ! I’m also a linux-fan and amateur photographer, and I’ll love it when linux meets productivity regarding photo workflows.
    Good luck.

  3. fred Says:

    When the current XP boxes age, their replacements shall not run an OS from MS. But, as you, I ask: where are the equivalent apps to all the old favourites? I’ve been using cam2pc for years, what offering would exist on the linux side?

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