NTFS write support

As my system is a dual-booting one, and the other operating system I use is WinXP I wanted to be able to write to my NTFS partitions under Ubuntu.

I found this detailed howto on howtoforge.com very helpful.

But after installing ntfs-3g I was still unable to write to one partition (my system has two SATA drives. Ubuntu lives on a part of the second one, and I was unable to write to the NTFS partition of the second hard drive). Although the File Browser listed the partition under “Computer”, when I mounted it, it was mounted read-only.

As it turned out, this partition was not mentioned in /etc/fstab, so I added it. It got the same options as my other NTFS-partition, except – naturally – the UUID . The UUID can be found on the volume label of the Properties panel of the partition in File Browser.

I’m almost ready to begin to focus on photo-related stuff ๐Ÿ™‚


2 Responses to “NTFS write support”

  1. Tommy Says:

    Hello fellow newbuntuyan! I’m also a new ubuntu (and wordpress) user. I’ve been surfing through the ubuntu tag and came upon your post about the ntfs partition issue you had. I actually just installed ntfs-config and got took my vista partition off of hibernation and it just magically showed up the next time I started ubuntu!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and hope you have a good time with ubuntu. I’ve been using it for all of two weeks and must say that I’m rather impressed with the alpha release. Cheers, and do stop by switchbuntu.wordpress.com sometime.

  2. vivosz Says:

    Tommy, thanks for your stopping in, and hope that you will find my future posts more worthwile ๐Ÿ™‚ After looking at your blog a knowing what you make a living of it’s not a surprise that you managed to solve the problem in a quicker way.
    Anyway, have good time too.

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