64bit problems – Firefox

Again no photo related post, but I think it worth mentioning. As I recently upgraded my hardware to a AMD64 X2, had to reinstall Ubuntu (a 64 bit edition) (by the way, since then I have no splash screen during boot (my monitor just goes sleep). Does anybody know a solution?).

I wanted to visit some java web-sites, and realized that I have no java jre. No problem, I will install it! But that’s not that easy, as sun-java6-plugins does not come in a 64bit version (as far as i know Flash player does not come either). Googling for a solution I have found this article on the Ubuntu docs. The easiest way to solve the problem is to ignore it :-), and install a 32 bit Firefox, with all the plugins. Not a smart way to get rid of the problem, but works well.


4 Responses to “64bit problems – Firefox”

  1. khrushchevinlove Says:

    FYI: You don’t actually need the 64 bit edition. The 32 bit version runs perfectly well on 64 bit hardware (it just doesn’t take advantage of the 64-bit-ness, but I haven’t noticed any slowdown), and the advantage is that you don’t have annoying software issues.

  2. vivosz Says:

    Thanks for the advice. Looking around I found out that there is no really big difference in the performance of 32bit and 64bit opsystems (wich I find really interesting. Why is there no difference?).
    The biggest problem of 64bit Ubuntu users seems to be the lack of 64 bit java and Flash player.
    But that is no problem for me now šŸ™‚

  3. khrushchevinlove Says:

    Hey, just an FYI if you’re still interested in 64-bit distros. I recently tried out (actually I’m now using) the new 10.3 64-bit release of opensuse. Flash (almost) automatically works out of the box with the 64-bit release, using a 64-bit version of firefox (you just have to drop to the terminal and run nspluginwrapper -a -i before it will work). Its also quite a bit faster than the latest Ubuntu, has compiz-fuzion out of the box, and overall a more integrated feel. The only major downsides are the annoying package manager and the lack of a repository for avant-window-navigator (but it can be installed from source pretty easy).

  4. vivosz Says:

    Thanks for the info! Maybe i will give it a try!

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