5 Responses to “On workflows and metadata”

  1. br1 Says:

    hi! i was annoyed by digikams photo import too – but i found a very simple solution to avoid that. just set the album library path in the settings to the folder containig the pictures. this way digicam just scans the folder and adds each subfolder as an album. this of course doesn’t allow you to have different albums in different paths, but that’s sufficient for me.

  2. vivosz Says:

    thanks for the advice!

  3. zeusalmighty Says:

    Same here, haven’t still found such an application…it’s kinda sad really, due to all this RAW format war, there isn’t a standard, and so we have to “suffer” waiting for software support…if I find something out, I will let you know.
    PS. After having used FSpot, Picasa, Digikam, I can safely say, I disliked all of them. I specifically hated the fact that none actually let you know that tags weren’t written inside the files (raw files). So, yea, that kinda pissed me off.

  4. vivosz Says:

    I’m not sure I understand you well. Do you want to embed metadata into raw formats?
    That is why i insist ony using dng. Cause afaik the only raw format that can have metadata embedded (ok, I know that all the raw formats have exif and makernotes, but metadata for me mostly means IPTC, what they don’t have).

  5. FX Belloir Says:

    Hello vivosz,

    Just to tell you that Raw Therapee 2.4m1 has now the capability to edit (write) both EXIF and IPTC in both RAW and jpeg.
    Unfortunately, it’s a pity to use a RAW converter to edit metadata…


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