5 Responses to “Geotagging”

  1. Gilles Caulier Says:

    To correlate your pictures, are you tried to use the GPSSync kipi-plugin with digiKam ???


    You can use google maps to set GPS coordiante manually on pictures:


    There is also a tool to export GPS info to a KML file for inclusion to Google Earth…

    Gilles Caulier

  2. vivosz Says:

    No i haven’t!
    I will check this out. Maybe on the weekend i will do some geocaching, and will have some new photos and track logs.
    It all depends on the weather 🙂
    Thanks for the info

  3. Fabrizio Giudici Says:

    Also have a look at blueMarine. It’s not yet suitable for production use, but I hope there will be soon a final release. There’s a screencast about the geotagging capabilities:


    I apologize for the quality of the screencast which is not excellent, but it should do a decent presentation of the capabilities.

  4. vivosz Says:

    To Fabrizio:

    I already planned to review blueMarine, but unfortunately after upgrading my computer i was unable to launch the program (some AMD64 vs Java problem) . After your comment i looked at the blueMarine website, and found a solution to my problem in the forums. An article on blueMarine is on the way. And thanks for your comment

  5. Joseph Says:

    I have a Garmin Edge 500, which unfortunately seems to not play nice with gpsbabel or some of the other suggestions (and also uses a .fit format instead of .gpx or some other standard). So I spent a bit of time making a utility to tag my photos using the .fit gps track. It can be found here: http://astoryworthtelling.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/geotagging-without-a-dedicated-camera-gps-part-2/

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