5 Responses to “DigikamDAM”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’ve been using Digikam since a couple of days and it has very powerful features to edit, geotagging, as the article says, ‘flickr-ing photos’. The last thing I readed was that they were going to freeze features development to center on the database and archiving aspects. Great applicaction indeed.

  2. J Dickon Glanville Says:

    vivosz, this comment isn’t concerning the DigikamDAM article, but about the Photobuntu blog. Sorry, but I don’t know how to provide feedback here other then as an article reply.

    I like this blog as I’m in a similar space. Thus, I’d like to be able to use the RSS features so that I don’t miss any articles or replies. I see you’ve got a “subscribe rss” button on the top right of the pages. This goes off to the “add this” service.

    Unfortunately, there’s no URL configured for the RSS feed.


  3. vivosz Says:

    To J Dickon Glanville:
    Your comment ended up in the spamfilter, that is the reason for my late answer.
    I fixed the problem with the subscriber widget, thanks for reporting it.

  4. vivosz Says:

    And one more thing:
    With the button you can only subscribe to the post-feed (https://photobuntu.wordpress.com/feed/).
    This is the feed for comments:

  5. J Dickon Glanville Says:

    Thanks vivosz. Much appreciated.

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