18 Responses to “Sagittarius is out!”

  1. AlexSlocker Says:

    Are you planning to implement geotagging support? If so, you can do it as Digikam had it: implemented with the Google Maps API.

  2. vivosz Says:

    Actually, geotagging is unlikely to be implemented until 1.0. If berlios.de worked, you would be able to see my planned roadmap to 1.0
    I don’t say that this is carved to stone and cannot be changed, but other things (metadata templates, hierarchical keyword sets) inspire me more at the moment. But if i get more request on geotagging support, i may think it over.

  3. CyrilleBieuzent Says:

    Are you planning to make deb package for ubuntu ?

  4. vivosz Says:

    Well, I don’t plan to make deb package, because i don’t know how to do it.

    But installing from source is very simple (the usual ./configure, make, make install stuff), the dependency list is short, there shall be no problem with it (if you have f-spot installed for instance, it is likely that you have all the Sagittatius’s dependencies installed already).

    The only catch is Exiftool itself, cause it shall be installed separately. Fortunately there is a deb package for Exiftool.

  5. vivosz Says:

    Sagittarius 0.2 is out!

    The second release of Sagittarius is ready. Among the new features are EXIF (read-only) support.
    Seee the release notes:
    for more information

  6. kewerner Says:

    Wonderful – I will need exactly this tool (together with Lightzone) for a museum’s collection of photographs (and my few own images). Many thanks!

  7. vivosz Says:

    To kewerner
    I really hope that you will find it useful, although it is far from being very user-friendly. But comments like this can speed up my work 🙂
    I have just released the second revision of 0.2 today. It is much faster than 0.1 or 0.2, and consumes much less memory.
    All the best

  8. Phil Says:

    this seems like a great idea. Some questions:

    What about editing user-defined XMP fields?
    Windows version?
    Support for Nikon RAW files?


  9. vivosz Says:

    To Phil

    User defined XMP fields: surely won’t be supported until sagittarius 1.0. After that, i don’t know. Maybe.

    Windows version: Sagittarius uses the gtk toolkit. And gtk runs under windows as well. But i never examined sagittarius under windows. I know mono apps can be run on windows, maybe if you would give it a try (installing mono runtime and gtk on win) and share your discoveies, i would appreciate it. I like the idea of running Sagittarius on windows, but its priority is quite low at the moment.

    Support for NEF files. Well, hat would need some testing. AFAIK NEF is a proprietary modification of the tiff standard, and this means that theoretically it can have xmp metadata embedded. If not, even than it can have xmp metadata in a sidecar file.
    I don’t know much about NEF (I’m a Minolta/Sony user) unfortunately.

    I’m sorry to disappoint you, but none of the features you asked about is likely to be implemented until 1.0, if ever.

    But, I will move the Sagittarius website to a new place (sagittarius.vokod.com) soon, and will give it a better website, with better means for getting user feedback. If i will be overpowered by feature-requests, priorities can change.

  10. Milan Knížek Says:

    Hi vivosz,

    I am wondering whether it would be possible to create exif metadata in TIFF or PNG images, that do not have them. (Exiftool man page says that writing, but not creation is possible.)

    The reason I am asking is that GIMP tiff and png plugin do not save Exif, so I need to add them separately (e.g. from JPEG or RAW files).

  11. Frederik Says:

    I found it through this website. It should be noted that vivosz has abandoned development.

    I tried out the program but terminated it immediately after i saw it change my images just loading the pictures. Just loading the pictures had an impact on the filesize of the JPGs and i have no idea what was changed. This makes me concerned… look into jhead or other similar tools.

  12. vivosz Says:

    To Frederik:
    In the case of files not having an XMP metadata section (only EXIF and/or IPTC) Sagittarius creates the XMP section automatically on the first load and copies all the information from EXIF/IPTC to XMP (leaving the former two untouched).
    If set, a backup copy of the files in question is made.
    Loading theese files a second time won’t alter their sizes, as there is already an XMP section, and it won’t be created.
    Worth a note that when Sagittarius saves metadata it not only saves XMP, but synchronizes EXIF and IPTC sections to XMP as well.

  13. Stefaan Vanderheyden Says:


    DigiWf+Nautilus also processes XMP.

    It supports geocoding.

  14. xulsolar Says:

    Hey man!! What is going on?? I’m waiting for your posts, which are amazing!!
    Come back to work, the community is prayying for you…

  15. TheJoe Says:

    I’d like to add my name or my site in the “author” field. I didn’t know it was so hard to write an app that let you modify exif datas.

  16. TheJoe Says:

    It really seems a good initiative.. but it breaks upon my double click on a folder..

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